2008-10-13 Joint Paper of 6 Baltic organisations

Following the first presentation of the  Joint Paper (drafted by BSSSC, B7, BDF, Euroregion Baltic, CPMR Baltic Sea Commission and UBC) to the Head of Territorial Cooperation Unit at DG Regio, Mr Colin Wolfe, the six Baltic organisations have decided to continue their cooperation on the document. During the working meeting on 9th October (held at the office of the Danish Regions in Brussels and chaired by Mr Knud Andersen) it was agreed that the concrete proposal will be ready by the end of November and it will refer to the three specific challenges of the strategy, a) flagship projects as a short-term perspective of the strategy; b) common identity building aspect as a long-term perspective of the strategy; and c) BSR as a globally competitive micro-region as a long-term perspective of the strategy.


The organizations will present their flagship project proposals by 10th November and during the joint meeting on 26th November three best proposals will be selected into the paper to be delivered to the EC. The ideas should be of pan-Baltic character and envisage possible partnership and funding to implement them. They should also refer to the areas and activities included in the joint position agreed so far.


A special task force will also be established to propose ad present suggestions of a coordination method for the implementation of the strategy. The first meeting of the task force will take place 28/29 October with the UBC Board meeting in Växjö.

2008-09-05 BSR organisations meet to agree a joint position

Mr Niels Chresten Andersen was an ERB representative at the meeting of Baltic Sea Region organisations (a.o. ERB, BDF, B7 and BSSSC represented by the Danish Regions) which took place in Copenhagen with the aim of developing a joint position on the EU Baltic Sea Strategy. The meeting was chaired by Mr Knud Andersen, head of the Danish delegation to the Committee of the Regions and the former member of the ERB Board. The joint position is expected to be agreed on during September.

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