Second meeting of the EUSBSR High Level Group

The second meeting of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region High Level Group was held on 13th December 2010 in Brussels. During the meeting, the Group gave its consent to the 2010 Annual Report and the updated Action Plan.

The Group also discussed the Strategy priorities for 2011 especially concerning Technical Assistance funds, co-operation with Russia, the possibility of specifying targets for the Action Plan, the timeline for the 2011 annual reporting and planned events. Key events in 2011 will include a meeting on financing in February in Gdańsk, a meeting with Priority Area Coordinators and National Contact Points on horizontal themes and targets in Brussels in March, several targeted events on the EUSBSR and EU2020 process, and the Annual Forum in Gdańsk in Autumn 2011. Please visit the EUSBSR Strategy website for more information.