EGTC conference in Gödöllö

The conference on the Europrean Groupings for Territorial Coopereation (EGTC) and multilevel governance organised by the Hungarian Ministry of Justice and Public Administration within the framework of Hungarian EU Presidency was held between 21-23rd March 2011 in Gödöllö, Hungary.

The issue of EGTCs was discussed in the context of the current revision process of the Community regulation 1082/2006 on EGTCs with Mr Michel Delebarre, President of MOT and COTER Commission of the Committee of the Regions, chairing the workshop. The second topic on the agenda was the problem of multilevel governance and the role of local authorities in the institutional organisations of the Community and EU Member States. Concluding the conference, the participatns expressed hope that it would become a platform for a stronger cooperation between exisiting institutions and organisations at all levels, thus bringing the Community decision-making mechanism closer to all EU citizens. Please follow this link to read more about the Conference.