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The same goals, the same region. We help to boost cross-border cooperation capacities of local actors in the South Baltic Sea region.

Region Scania

This is the most southern region of Sweden. With an ancient history it presents ruins from the iron-age like the mystical Ale’s stones, 59 stones placed in the formation of a ship, maybe a burial...more

Region Kronoberg

Famous for IKEA founded by Ingvar Kamprad from Elmtaryd farm in Agunnaryd village (acronym). Sweden's 30th National Park Ã…snen offers a unique lake archipelago with a 700 km ...more

Region Blekinge

Blekinge attracts for its unique archipelago and more than 1000 lakes. The main city of Karlskrona is part of Unesco World Heritage sites as an outstanding example of a late-17th-century...more

Region Kalmar

Kalmar is a region in the south of Sweden occupying part of the historical province of Smaland. Famous for its beautiful countryside, typical red cottages, glassware shaping...more

Region Klaipeda

There's a distinctly German flavour to KlaipÄ—da (klai-pey-da). Lithuania's third-largest city, formerly known as Memel, was part of the Prussian Kingdom until the region wrestled...more

Region Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad Oblast, is a Russian exclave between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea. Old medieval castles and ruins of forts are sprinkled throughout the area leftover from...more

Region Warmia-Masuria

North-eastern region in Poland, it presents few curiosities like a place where the borders of Poland, Lithuania and Russia join; the Elbląg-Ostródzki...more

Region Pomoranian Voivodeship

The province is one of rich cultural heritage. The Tricity urban area, consisting of Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot...more

Region Bornholm

BORNHOLM is a Danish island in the Baltic Sea off the south coast of Sweden. In its north are the clifftop ruins of Hammershus, a medieval castle. In 2017 Bornholm became the first...more

News from Umbrella

Agenda for the UMBRELLA project final conference is ready!

Dear Umbrella’s beneficiary, On behalf of the Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Baltic as Lead Partner of Umbrella Project and on behalf of the whole project partnership, we would like to invite you to our final conference. Three years have passed since Umbrella was approved by INTERREG South Baltic Programme and launched by the partnership. […]

Register for the Umbrella project final conference & check the agenda

Time to sum up our Umbrella project in figures!  Did you know that…  ① representatives from 5 countries from the South Baltic, i.e: Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, Poland, Germany took part in our project?② over 300 people in total participated in the project?③ in over 3 years we have organized 30 live meetings and over 12 online […]

Register NOW! UMBRELLA FINAL CONFERENCE 2.12.2020 (on-line)

UMBRELLA- Boosting cross-border cooperation capacities of small actors in the South Baltic Sea FINAL CONFERENCE 2.12.2020 (on-line) 10.00 – 15.00 CE INVITATION Dear Umbrella’s beneficiary, On behalf of the Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Baltic as Lead Partner of Umbrella Project and behalf of the whole project partnership, We want to invite you to our […]


News from Euroregion Baltic

Last days to join the Baltic Sea Youth Dialogue competition

Are you a young creative writer, graphic artist or maybe have a project idea for a more sustainable future for the Baltic Sea Region? The Council of The Baltic Sea States (CBSS) is calling 18-30 years old participants around the region to join the competition Baltic Sea Youth Dialogue 2020 – Let’s create a sustainable […]

WaterMan Interreg Baltic Sea Region Seed Money Facility project kicked off

WaterMan Interreg Baltic Sea Region Seed Money Facility project kicked off on 28th October 2020.Our #ERB Water Core Group & project partners from Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania and Russia will be very busy next 12 months preparing the main project concept.WaterMan project received the support from EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region  #PANutri coordinators and we will work on the “Climate-resilient wastewater and […]

Join the “Social entrepreneurship Nordic and Baltic network”

About the Project The project “Social entrepreneurship development in the in the Baltic Sea region” has been granted within Erasmus+ programme and started its realization in September 2014. Euroregion Baltic joined the Network in 2020 via its Erasmus+ project “InDigiSE – Promotion of social entrepreneurship in the youth sector by digital and informal education tools”. […]

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