First call for applications in the Baltic Sea Region Programme

On 2nd December 2014 the Baltic Sea Region Programme has opened its first call for applications for Priority 1 “Capacity for innovation”, Priority 2 “Management of natural resources” and Priority 3 “Sustainable transport”.

The step 1 (Concept Note) of the call is open till 2 February 2015 during which partners are asked to fill in the concept note form and submit it to the Programme’s JTS for consideration. Successful project ideas will then be selected to participate in the step 2 which requires partners to submit complete project applications in accordance with the Programme Manual.

More information about the call can be found in the announcement note. The complete package of documents for the call is available here.

The programme has also established a project idea and partner search tool at LinkedIn to facilitate the generation of project concept notes and to support applicants in the project development process.