8 April 2009: Five ERB projects approved!

Five projects submitted by our Working Groups have been approved by the South Baltic CBC Programme Steering Committee which met on 6 – 7 April 2009 in Kalmar, Sweden. These projects are: BaltNet (Social WG), DISKE (SME/Innovation WG), LED (Energy WG), MOMENT (Water WG) and YC3 (ERB Youth Board). In total, the budgets of these projects amount to 6.8 MEUR in total (with the ERDF funding of 5.5 MEUR).

Altogether, the Steering Committee approved 12 projects requesting the total ERDF funding of 10.4 MEUR. 5 projects will be managed by Polish Lead Partners, 4 by Swedish LPs, 3 by German LPs and 1 by a Lithuanian LP. So far, the total of 16 projects with the toal ERDF funding of 14,9 MEUR.