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Following the conclusion of the ERB cooperation review process, the Euroregion Baltic Council was dissolved. It convened for the last time on 28th October 2010 in Kosta, Sweden. In accordance to the revised Statutes, the Executive Board of Euroregion Baltic has now become the highest decision-making body within the ERB.

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Contribution to the CoR Consultation on EGTCs 20 July 2010

ERB Position on the local border traffic regime with the Kaliningrad Region 23 September 2010

ERB Contribution to the Consultation on the Conclusions of the 5th Report on Economic and Social Cohesion 31 January 2011 

ERB Discussion Paper Contributing to the Revision of the EU Strategy of the Baltic Sea Region 15 March 2011

ERB Position Paper on South Baltic CBC Programme after 2013 27 September 2011

ERB Position Paper on the implementation of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region 27 September 2011

Joint Position Paper on the EUSBSR implementation by pan-BalticOrganisations 30 April 2012

ERB Standpoint on the geography of the future South Baltic CBC Programme 29 October 2012

Letter to Mr Jose Andres Palma, Director for Territorial Cooperation, Macro-regions and North-West Europe at DG Regio 6 November 2012

Letter to Ms Ivanka Lakova, Head of European Cross-Border Cooperation at DG Regio 6 November 2012

ERB Standpoint on the thematic scope of the future South Baltic CBC Programme 21 November 2012

Resolution of the Euroregion Baltic Seminar on Labour Market Cooperation 25 February 2013

ERB Position Paper on the Future of EU Cohesion Policy after 2020

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2008-01-28 Board meeting in Växjö

The ERB Executive Board met on Monday 28th January 2008 at the Teleborg Castle near Växjö in Sweden. Main points of the agenda included the preparations for the ERB Council meeting and 10th Anniversary in Elblag, Poland, 22 – 23 February 2008: change of ERB Presidency from Sweden to Denmark, approval of the ERB Action Plan 2008 2009, change of the ERB statutes allowing the extension of the Board to include representatives from all 8 members as well as the Chairperson of the new Youth Board.

Energy Meetings in Gdansk

On 6 December 2007 Seagull II Energy Reference Network organised two meetings at the project final conference in Gdansk Presentation. The first was a seminar to discuss energy projects ideas among the Network members. To read more, please go to: Minutes.

The second meeting was an ERB Energy Debate dealing with German-Russan Nord Stream Project. The Debate was moderated by Mr Kjell Albin Abrahamson. Contributions were delivered by Mr Jens D. Muller, Nord Stream Communications Manager (see presentation) and Professor Olof Linden of Kalmar University.

2007-10-24 The first Youth Board member elected

17 year-old Sebastian Bloch Jensen from Gudhjem on Bornholm has been elected today as the Bornholm representative to the ERB Youth Board, to be established in connection with the ERB Council meeting on 6 December 2007 in Gdansk (See the photo: Sebastian Bloch Jensen).

Sebastian is a student at the Bornholm Grammar School, and participated in the ERB Youth Conference organised in April 2007 in Elblag, Poland. He was elected at a public meeting organised by Europe Direct Bornholm during which more than 20 participants were informed about the EU “Active Youth” programme, the European Voluntary Service component for young people and the youth activities taking place in Euroregion Baltic, Baltic Seven Islands and Four Corner Cooperation.

In its 2007-2008 Strategy the ERB Council decided to establish a Youth Board and all ERB member regions are expected to elect a young representative. At the nex ERB Council meeting the ERB Statutes is expected to be revised in order to fully integrate the Youth in the ERB decision-making structures.

2007-10-10 Youth, Statutes and Budget in focus…

The ERB Board have met today in Brussels at the premises of the Pomerania Region. Main focus was to prepare the ERB Council meeting on 6 December and the final Seagull II conference, both taking place in Gdansk.

At the Council meeting the Board will propose establishment of a Youth Board to become a permanent part of the ERB structure, to be fully integrated in the ERB decision-making structures and to have its own annual budget to co-finance joint youth activities.

Changes to the ERB Statutes were agreed in order to include the Youth Board, and at the same time the Board will propose the Council to approve an extension of the Board, allowing each ERB member region to be represented. One of the main arguments are that regions contributing to the joint budget should also be represented in the Board, which is responsible for the implementation of the budget.

2007 and 2008 budgets were approved and all member regions confirmed having accepted an increase of 15% of their membership fee as of 2008, due to inflation since 2004 when the current membership fee level was agreed.

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