Baltic Sea Youth Camp 2019

Only a few months are left until the Baltic Sea Youth Camp, which will take place in Hotel Orle in Gdansk, Poland from 8-11 June 2019! The Baltic Sea Youth Camp is a three-day festival which promotes friendship, culture and political awareness among its young participants aged 18-25 from the 11 countries of the Baltic Sea Region and Iceland!
The partnering organizations who are making it happen decided to meet, inspect the hotel’s possibilities and form plans for the Baltic Sea Youth Camp. The meeting took place on 30th and 31st January in Gdansk, Poland. With Akershus Fylkeskommune, representing Baltic Sea States Sub-regional Cooperation (BSSSC), from Norway as the lead partner, and several co-partners; namely Euroregion Baltic (Poland), Union of Baltic Cities (Denmark) and Baltic Sea Cultural Centre (Poland), the meeting brought together professionals from several Euroregion Baltic countries.
On 30th January, the participants visited the island Wyspa Sobieszewska where the Hotel Orle, Gdansk is situated. The hotel which will accommodate the Baltic Sea Youth Camp is only 15 km from the center of Gdansk and is easily accessible by public transport and car. Furthermore, it is a large complex so, it is difficult to miss! Surrounded by a pine forest and only several meters away from the beach, the hotel offers many opportunities for various activities (especially sports) as well as every possible facility and comfort that a young person might wish for. There is internet and TV in the rooms and saunas, spa and massage in the first floors.
On 31st January, the main organizational meeting for the Baltic Sea Youth Camp took place. The attendees discussed subjects like participation, inclusivity, selection criteria and the daily schedule which will follow the Camp’s main themes and goals. There was an abundance of proposals for activities and workshops that could take place during the Youth Camp, so selecting the best was quite a challenge! The focus was kept around secular economy, sustainability, ecology and culture. There was a special emphasis on activities that will directly involve the youth and boost international communication and cooperation among the participants of the Camp. Finally, a draft of the schedule was made and the responsibility for each workshop was distributed among the various organizations from each Baltic country.
In conclusion, the organizations involved held a productive meeting which helped map a clear plan for the Baltic Sea Youth Camp. The working process and overall atmosphere were effective, open and cordial and while there is more to be revised, it can be said that this meeting was of crucial importance for the planning of this exciting, international Youth Camp.
Please feel free to find out more about the Baltic Sea Youth Camp 2019 and what it has to offer on its page “ “ as well as its Facebook page “Baltic Sea Youth Camp 2019”!

– Applications for the Baltic Sea Youth Camp 2019 open soon!

Theodora Chatzipanteli
Euroregion Baltic, IVY

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