South Baltic Programme approves first seed money projects

Following the completion of the 1st call for seed money projects, 19 projects have been selected for funding by the Monitoring Committee (MC) of the Interreg South Baltic Programme 2014-2020.

The delegates approved or approved under conditions set by the Programme the following projects:

  • Promoting the production and use of electric boats and ships in the South Baltic area (ELMAR Seed)
  • Innovation capacity building through Maritime clustering initiatives (ClusterMare)
  • Bioeconomy in the South Baltic Area: Biomass-based Innovation and Green Growth (BioBIGG)
  • Easily Distributed Personal Rapid Transit 2 go (ESPRIT2GO)
  • Reviving Baltic Resilience (RBR)
  • Common activities to establish constant cooperation between Baltic seacoast area countries (Poland and Lithuania) for the blue and green growth (Green and Blue Cooperation)
  • BaltGas – Regional Sustainable Biogas Solutions (BaltGas)
  • Micro-Transport by use of Electrical Power Assisted Cabin-Cycles in towns and urban neighbourhoods (MITRA)
  • Internationalization of South Baltic maritime economy (INTERMARE)
  • Friendly house – cross border network of energy-efficient demonstration buildings (Friendly house)
  • Liquefied (bio-)gas as a driving force for development and use of green energy technology (Liquid Energy)
  • Sustainable tourism for wellbeing in the South Baltic region (SBWELL)
  • Baltic Cinema Network (Baltic Cinema Net)
  • Sludge Technological Ecological Progress – increasing the quality of sewage sludge (STEP)
  • Valorisation of manors for tourism development in rural areas of the South Baltic area (South Baltic Manors EXPLORE)
  • Development of South Baltic coastal regions through close cooperation of local ports (SB LocPorts)
  • Baltic Water Sport School (BWSP)
  • The use of active barriers for the nutrient removal and local water quality improvement in Baltic lagoons (LiveLagoons)
  • Local Youth Councils in SB – An Effective Way to Promote Youth Participation (LYC SB)

The resources from the European Regional Development Fund to be allocated to these projects amount to approximately 580 000 EUR. The projects approved cover six out of seven specific objectives of the Programme (no projects approved under specific objective 4 ‘skills development’). Majority of the lead partners of the approved projects are from Poland (12 projects).


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