2008-02-26 Youth Board Set Up

Council meeting in Elbląg (22nd February 2008) was the first to have been attended by the members of he ERB Youth Board. Following the change of the ERB Statutes the representatives of the youth from around the member regions got included in the Euroregion Baltic Council. The Youth Board includes: Ms Cajsa Augustzen (Södra Småland), Ms Karin Ekelund (Kalmar Region), Ms Anna Grazova (Kaliningrad Region), Mr Sebastian Bloch Jensen (Bornholm), Ms Amelia Lilja (Region Blekinge), Mr Przemysław Sobiczewski (Region of Warmińsko-Mazuskie) and Ms Magdalena Zydek (Pomorskie Region). The two Swedish regions of Blekine and Södra Småland also nominated deputy members who are: Mr Viktor Löfgren and Ms Anna Wiktorsson, respectively.

Klaipeda County is in the process of appointing their representative to the ERB Youth Board.

The Youth Board met on 23rd February and elected their Chair. Ms Anna Grazova will lead the work of the youth and represent them in the ERB Excutive Board. It was also decided that any member of the Board could be a replacement for the Chair during the meertings of the ERB Executive Board.

The Youth Board will meet on-line on 11th March 2008 to discuss their activities in the coming months. The presentation of their plans is expected to be delivered at the meeting on 25th April on Bornholm. The ERB Executive Board will then approve of the activity plan.

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