Practical Information

So far six calls for proposals have been concluded within the South Baltic Cross-border Cooperation Programme with 50 projects being approved by the Steering Committee.

The first call for proposals within the Programme was held between 26th March and 30th April 2008. Out of 17 project applications submitted for assessment the Steering Committee of the South Baltic Programme approved 4 project applications amounting to more than 4,5 MEUR (ERDF). In the second call held between 20th October 2008 and 9th January 2009 potential beneficiaries submitted 22 applications to the total amount of 18,26 MEUR (ERDF co-financing). After assesing the applications, the Steering Committee decided to approve twelve projects amounting to 10,407,380.63 EUR (ERDF co-financing). On 26th January 2010 the third call for proposals was closed and the Steering Committee decided to approve 9 projects amounting to 9 821 425,16 EUR (ERDF co-financing). You will find more information here.

In the first three calls the Steering Committee of the Programme has allocated almost 24 MEUR to the projects which fairly evenly spread among all the measures of the Programme in the two priorities. The fourth, additional call was held between 3rd November 2009 and 11th January 2010. Out of seven application received during the call, the Steering Committe decided  to approve three  projects amounting to 2 092 668, 36 EUR (ERDF co-financing). The fifth call for proposals was held between 1st April and 21st May 2010 and received 25 applications to the total amount of 25,862,567.85 EUR. On 29th September 2010 the Steering Committee decided to approve ten projects amounting to 11 709 860,32 EUR (ERDF co-financing). The six call for proposals was held 21st October – 17th December 2010. As a result 32 applications were submitted out of which the Steering Committee approved 14 projects to be implemented within the Programme, amounting to 11 088 812,15 EUR (ERDF co-financing).

On 27th January 2010 the Monitoring Committee of the Programme introduced some changes which shall facilitate easier conditions for small infrastructural projects of the pilot nature, as well as enable easier application procedures for projects below 200.000 EUR. The Committee also decided to change the project reporting periods.

A comprehensive description of the Programme objectives and priorities are included in the Operational Programme and the Programme Manual. The Programme Managing Authority is responsible for management and implementation of the operational programme in accordance with the principle of sound financial management. The functions of the Managing Authority are performed by the Territorial Cooperation Department at the Ministry of Regional Development of Poland. The functions of the Certifying Authority are fulfilled by the Department of Certifying Authority at the Ministry of Regional Development of Poland. The body designated to act as Audit Authority of the Programme is the General Inspector of Fiscal Control at the Ministry of Finance in Poland.

The Programme Monitoring and Steering Committees are composed of the representatives of national and regional levels, Euroregions Baltic and Pomerania as well as social and economic partners.

The Joint Technical Secretariat is based in Gdansk, Poland, and there are Contact Points in the four other countries, offering assistance to potential beneficiaries.

The content of this website is the sole responsibility of the author and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union, the Managing Authority or the Joint Secretariat of the South Baltic Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020. The project UMBRELLA is partly financed from the Interreg South Baltic Programme 2014-2020 through the European Regional Development Fund.