Attractive Hardwoods project is looking for experts

The Attractive Hardwoods project is looking for experts specialising in cross-border tourism.

The project has been approved within the 1st call for proposals of the South Baltic Programme and is now working on launching its activities. These activities will also require assistance from experts specialising in cross-border tourism who will be working with Project Partners on certain task requiring this expertise.

The project itself addresses measures to increase the hardwood business opportunities through more vibrant and sustainable tourism use. The partnership has a cross-sectorial orientation with LT, PL and SE organizations from forestry, nature conservation and tourism, land-owners included.
The project aims to increase the popularity of the supported hardwood sites as destinations for cross-border ecotourism through: pooled capacities in ecotourism, products and services customised to the needs of cross-border ecotourism and better cross-border marketing of ecotourism products and services. For that purpose the project will enlarge the hardwood cooperation network, deliver a joint strategic plan to boost the cross-border hardwood ecotourism, deploy new ecotourism products and services via stakeholder interaction, and conduct marketing activities directed at commercial operators.
By combining existing hardwood management expertise, dedicated analyses and studies, stakeholder interfacing, establishing of 6 hardwood cross-border ecotourism pilot sites and a joint umbrella-type website, the project will deliver consistent best practice results promoting hardwood ecotourism in the South Baltic area.

For further information and more details of expert engagement, please contact the Pomorskie Tourist Board:
Monika Frankowska, EU project manager, tel: (+48) 58 732 70 46, m.frankowska (at)


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