Join “Diet for a Green Planet” – an International online course

On 27th April Umbrella 2.0 project will organise an Awareness Raising Event for all Baltic Sea stakeholders interested in current “hot” topics for transnational cooperation. As one of the speakers, we invited Hans von Essen, Senior Advisor from BERAS International Foundation from Sweden, who will introduce their project “Diet for a Green Planet” to our participants ( ) . If you wish to join our event click here:

Become a change leader for sustainable food! 

Join our on-line course Diet for a green planet – Managing transformation in the local food system.

  • 15 ECTS part-time, online course in English​
  • Starts 20 May 2021 – 6 May 2022 ​
  • In cooperation with BERAS International, and hosted by Novia University of Applied Sciences 
  • Understanding Sustainability in the Food System – from Global Vision to Local Reality. (May until September 2021)​ 
  • Interventions to support Healthy and Sustainable Food and to minimize Waste (September until December 2021)​ 
  • Project Development – Managing Transformation in the Local Food System. ​(January until April 2022)

Registration is now open!

The course registration is now open. Register here to ensure a place in the course. The course can accept a maximum of 50 students, on a first come first-served basis. The minimum required number of students is 20. If you run into problems with the registration or have questions about how to register please contact Anita Kronqvist (

Who should attend?

The course is planned so that persons who hold a job or are otherwise occupied on a daily basis can attend. Each week equals a working load of 10-12 hours for the students and the course runs for a year.

Are you working in the food system or are you interested in sustainability issues or transformative leadership? This is a course for you! You might be active in some of the following sectors;

  • Professionals working in the food system – from farm to fork​
  • Primary producers​
  • Sustainability developers, planners
  • Processing – artesan food producers​
  • Public food, tender​
  • Catering, restaurants​

Aims of the programme

“ form an understanding of the food system from farm to fork and how the food system is connected to climate change mitigation, eutrophication, biodiversity, human health, and rural development.”​

“ empower individuals who are active in the food system to become change agents through a holistic understanding of the food system.”​

“ develop skills in leadership and interventions for enhanced sustainability that can be applied in professional work in production, public food, tender, catering and restaurants.”

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