South Baltic seed money projects selected

The Monitoring Committee of the South Baltic Programme decided on the outcome of the 2nd seed money call. The approved financial support from the European Regional Development Fund amounts to 255,421.76 EUR.

The call was open between 10th and 30th January 2017 for specific objectives 3.1 (Improve the quality and environmental sustainability of transport services in the South Baltic area) and 4.1 (Increase the share of skilled labour force working in blue and green economy sectors of the South Baltic area through joint cross-border actions).



The list of projects assessed by the MC is as follows:

AcronymSpecific ObjectiveLP CountryERDF approved (€)Total budget (€ )Financing decision
Parking gets smart SEED3.1 – sustainable transportPoland33.165,0039.900,00approved
CoBiUM3.1 – sustainable transportSweden28.776,2536.635,00approved
Connect2SmallPorts3.1 – sustainable transportGermany31.975,0038.500,00approved
CAR3.1 – sustainable transportSweden31.600,0040.000,00approved under conditions
South Baltic Theatre goes Rural Area3.1 – sustainable transportGermany34.000,0040.000,00not approved
TRAIN LNG4.1 – skills developmentPoland33.987,2639.985,00approved
QUISST4.1 – skills developmentLithuania34.000,0040.000,00approved
SEAPLANSPACE4.1 – skills developmentPoland30.638,2536.045,00approved
SB Bridge4.1 – skills developmentLithuania31.280,0036.800,00approved under conditions
Shape the future4.1 – skills developmentGermany34.000,0040.000,00not approved
SB Educator4.1 – skills developmentGermany32.500,0040.000,00not approved


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