Baltic Sea Youth Dialogue Awarded the best young artists!

On Saturday, 12th of December, the ”Baltic Sea Youth Dialogue – Let’s create a sustainable future together!” held an award ceremony to celebrate the participants and winners. The competition which was open for youth ages 18-30 had three categories, essay competition, poster competition and project competition. The winners of the poster category will also be exhibited in the catalogue of the Lithuanian National Museum of Art.

The winners for each category follows as such:

Essay competition

1st place:Alise Ilena – La marDOWNLOAD

2nd place:Sophie-Marie Ludwig – Come and goDOWNLOAD

3rd place:Ania Wojcik – Humpback Whale NettieDOWNLOAD

Poster competition

1st place:
Guste MergiunaiteDOWNLOAD

2nd place:
Greta RadzeviciuteDOWNLOAD

3rd place:Ania WojcikDOWNLOAD

Project competition

1st place:
Fenja Neumann – BonanzaDOWNLOAD

2nd place:
Akmaikin Dmitrijeva -BalticSea SDGs StudiesDOWNLOAD

3rd place:Simon Lightfoot – My Mare BalticumDOWNLOAD

It was a hard job for the jurys to select the winners out of the 51 received submissions. The jury for the essay competition consisted of Isabel Hölz, Director of the Goethe Institute, Finland, Rein Raud, author and philosopher, Estonia and Arndis Thorarinsdottir, author, Iceland. Ruta Stepanovaite, Director of Kaunas Artists House, Lithuania, David Schilter, comic book publisher, Latvia and Arunas Gelunas, Director of the Lithuanian Museum of Art, Lithuania selected the winners in the poster competition. The project ideas were evaluated by Grzegorz Poznanski, Director General of the CBSS Secretariat, Sweden, Helen Nilsson, Director of the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania, Lithuania and Justyna Turek and Henryk Stawicki from Change Pilots, Poland.

The award ceremony included speeches from EU Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries, Mr. Virginijus Sinkevičius, German Ambassador to Sweden, Dr. Anna Prinz and Director General of the CBSS Secretariat, Mr. Grzegorz Poznański. The participants also got to enjoy musical performances by Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet theatre, and the Estonian guitar duo Kartau & Kiivit.

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