Baltic Sea Youth 2030 meeting in Gdańsk

On the 6th and 7th of May the Baltic Sea Youth 2030 meeting took place in Gdansk.

Several Youth organizations have contributed and young people have had the opportunity to build the future plan together with experts  on youth and cooperation.

ERB was present, along with CBSS, BSSSC, ERB, Latvian Youth Council, Swedish Youth, Council, Leontief Centre, Nordisk Institute på Åland/Ålands Natur och Milljö, ReGeneration 2030, International Cooperation Burau at the Office of the Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship, Morena Association, as well as LSU and  LJP representatives who joined online.

It was a crucial meeting to start a more systematic process of coordination amoung youth in the Baltic Sea Regions, to share with all the participants what has been done so far and  which steps to be taken for the future.

The topics discussed focused on the practical instruments to engage young people and to improve communication between youth organizations.

Young people underlined the real need to have the opportunity to meet several times a year, in addition to online meetings, to build a strong cooperation within the Baltic Sea Regions.

The wokshop on the second day, brought some real ideas for the possibilities and applications that youth can catch in the frame of Erasmus + program. Thanks to the experts present, youth have started to draw the initial ideas that will be developed in the future.

Young people are planning to create a video and a letter for all organizations, politicians and adults who can and want to actively contribute, in order to ask their support.

Let’s make our voice heard!

Text by our IVY volunteer – Milena Pallotta

The Allianssi Cruise is a 2 day programme conference which covers and debates varius current topics in youth work. It gathers about 1.400 youth work professionals (Finnish youth workers, researchers and policy makers) to a cruise boat in order to discuss, evaluate, innovate and develop their work towards the young people. The cruise also offers the possibility of deeper cooperation between partners and the development of new project ideas. Furthermore, perspectives to other European Topics, such as hate speech,youth participation social incucion etc, will be discussed during the workshops.

The event is organized by Allianssi, the national youth council of Finland, and will take place on 11th to 12th of April 2018 in Helsinki, Finland. Citizens from Germany, Austria, Croatia, Greece, Slovenia, Switzerland are eligible to participate. This project is financed by Erasmus+ progamme and the selected participants will receive a reimbursement for all the travell costs relevant with the participation in the course. For further information you can visit Allianssi`s website. http://www.alli.fi/english/

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