Video from ERB South Baltic Agenda seminar

If you missed our last week’s seminar #ERB South Baltic Agenda” related to Euroregion Baltic Agenda 2030 document and Interreg South Baltic Programme, you can now watch the video from the debate. Click here:

Among the speakers:

Magdalena Bednarczyk-Sokół, Deputy Director of the Territorial Cooperation Department, Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy, Interreg South Baltic Programme Managing Authority, Poland

Johan Sandberg, President of Euroregion Baltic, Blekinge Region, Sweden

Dominika Butkiewicz, Head of the Joint Secretariat Interreg SBP, Poland

Johan Lundbäck, Interreg South Baltic Programme Contact Point Region Kalmar, Sweden

Tobias Facchini, Water Core Group Leader, Kalmar Region, Sweden

Mattias Andersson, Mobility Core Group Leader, Blekinge Region, Sweden

Johanna Wyckman, ERB Youth Board Chairwoman

Presentations from the experts are also available:

See you soon during the next ERB Agenda seminars!

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Please see below the final agenda for the online seminar planned for 9th April 2021. We welcome all ERB Stakeholders to join us and learn how:

  • ERB contributes to the Interreg South BalticProgramme (SBP);
  • what are the perspectives and planned policy objectives for Interreg SBP 2021-27;
  • how we can align the planned SBP objectives with the work in
    ERB Water Core Group, ERB MobilityCore Group and ERB Youth Board;
  • what are the possibilities for ERB Stakeholderscooperation in the area of tourism

Euroregion Baltic (ERB) continues its active role as a facilitator of cross-border initiatives in the South Baltic area. Over the years, ERB has built a strong network of cross-border relations involving citizens, political decision-makers, economic and social partners, and educational and cultural institutions. Our ambition is to use these partnerships for the benefit of inhabitants and local communities in our cooperation area.

EU funds supporting territorial cooperation will be of special importance in our work. People-to-people collaboration is essential in building relations and should continue to be supported. This refers specifically to the South Baltic cross-border programme, a key financial instrument for ERB cooperation since 2007.

ERB will continue working towards improved conditions for cross-border cooperation in the South Baltic Sea area.

If you’re interested to learn more on:

Please register for our seminar on 9th April and get involved more in ERB cooperation.

Register here: https://forms.gle/63RswyXN6p2QSUjC6 until 7th April

9th April (Friday) 10.00 -12.00 CET

Joint Secretariat of the Interreg South Baltic Programme has released information about the current state-of-the-art in programming the Interreg SBP for the years 2021-2027. You can read it below on go directly to the Interreg SBP website: https://southbaltic.eu/interreg-south-baltic-2021-2027

Euroregion Baltic is directly involved in the works on the new Programme for 2021-2027 being an active member of the Joint Programming Committee, members of two SWokring Groups for the new Programme, as we as leading the Join Delegation of Euroregions in the Programme Monitoring Committee.

The Joint Programming Committee (JPC) was established and the 1st meeting took place on 4th February 2020, during the meeting, the JPC Rules of Procedure, as well as Terms of Reference for the socio-economic analisys, were adopted. In the following months, the public procurement procedure was carried out and the best offer was selected. Contract with the PWC Advisory was signed on 18th June 2020.

During the second meeting of the JPC held on 22nd of June 2020, PWC Advisory presented the methodological report and the first results of the study. The cooperation with the Contractor was divided into two stages:

  • In the first stage, Contractor was obliged to conduct socio-economic analysis, SWOT/TOWS analysis and Problems and Objectives Tree (POT). The socio-economic analysis, SWOT and POT stage ended on 8 October 2020 and it was a starting point for further discussions and decisions on Programme Strategy, Priorities and Specific Objectives;
  • In the second stage on the basis of the conducted research, surveys and workshops with JPC, MA, JS, public stakeholders etc. (held in the Summer) as well as requirements and requests submitted during the 3rd JPC meeting (10th September 2020), Contractor prepared a proposal of the Programme Strategy, Priority Axes and Specific Objectives, covering:

In the Programme Strategy

– characteristics of the eligible area; 

– most important common challenges;

– characteristics of the basic social, economic and territorial differences occurring in the CP area.

In the Programme Priorities and Specific Objectives

– justification of the choice;

– related types of actions and their expected contribution;

– indicative percentage breakdown of funds by category of intervention;

– first proposal of the output indicators and result indicators selected from the common list;

– the main target groups.

The first proposal of the Strategy and Programme Priorities was delivered on 20 October 2020 by the PWC Advisory. Working Group 1 was established by the JPC (20 October 2020) and started work jointly with the Contractor on Programme Strategy and Priorities. During the 4th JPC meeting organised on 3-4 November, 2020 first draft of the Strategy was presented.

The next step was the establishment (19 November 2020) of the Working Group 2 for the implementation arrangements of the future Programme. Afterwards, the second draft of the Strategy and Programme Priorities incorporating the results of the WG1 discussions was developed on 30 November 2020.

Currently, work is focused on the joint elaboration of contribution to Programme Document according to the template for Interreg Programmes as stated in the draft of Interreg regulation:

  • Programme strategy: main development challenges and policy responses etc.;
  • Priorities, covering: specific objectives, types of actions, indicators, main target groups etc.; 
  • Financing plan (incl. ERDF and national co-financing);
  • Implementing provisions (Programme Authorities, liabilities of Member States );
  • Use of simplified costs options.

During the 5th JPC meeting planned for 12th January 2021, the final draft of the Strategy, Priorities and Specific Objectives should be adopted. In the next steps planned for I – II Quarter of 2021, the process of drafting of the Cooperation Programme document as well as Strategic Environmental Assessment will begin.

The Joint Secretariat of the Interreg South Baltic Programme encourages all stakeholdrs to take part in the public consultations of these documents. Information will appear on the programme website in due course.

Below you can find all 7 Umbrella promo video clips summarising the project that we prepared for the final conference. We asked our project beneficiaries and Umbrella partners to give their comments on the activities and outcomes of our project. Enjoy!

Dear UMBRELLA project beneficiaries,

On behalf of the Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Baltic as Lead Partner of Umbrella Project and on behalf of the whole project partnership,

We’d like to invite you to take part in a focus group discussion, a ‘group interview’ whose scope would be to consult relevant stakeholders who could valuably contribute in the consultation to build up the priorities of the new INTERREG South Baltic programming period 2021-2027.

The discussions will be conducted online- in groups of maximum 15 people- in a friendly and informal environment with the aim to collect honest opinions, new ideas, needs from the stakeholders on the topics below.

Platform: ZOOM. A link for the participation will be sent to you in advance


TITLE: Building civil & inclusive society

Umbrella partner responsible: Pomorskie in the EU Association (PL)

Moderator: Jens Masuch

DATE: 19th Nov 2020 13.00-15.00 CET

Main areas to investigate:

  1. Citizen engagement
  2. More inclusive Interreg projects
  3. Civil education
  4. New and upgraded tools for citizen engagement


Title: Blue and green growth

Umbrella partner responsible: Kalmar Region (SE)

Moderator: Jens Masuch

DATE: 5th November 2020 10.00-12.00 CET

Main objectives to investigate:

  1. Promoting sustainable water management
  2. New and upgrades capacity for waste water
  3. Biodiversity
  4. Circular economy


Title: Energy transition/Connectivity

Partner responsible: Klaipeda University

Moderator: Kristina Koebe

DATE: 9th November 2020 15.00 – 17.00 CET

Main areas to investigate:

  1. Fossil fuel-free transport sector – the need for energy storage possibilities.
  2. Production of renewable energy and solutions
  3. Improved structures for varied and broadened access to renewable energy
  4. Need to strengthen power grids for smart energy usage due to electrification of vehicles
  5. Combat and mitigate climate changes


Title: Sustainable & innovative tourism

Partner responsible: Guldborgsund Municipality (DK)

Moderator: Jens Masuch

DATE: 10th Nov 2020 TBC 10.00-13.00 CET

Main areas to investigate

  1.     Sustainable tourism
  2.     Digitalisation in tourism
  3.     Competence development in tourism


  • Questions and/or other material will be sent in advance to the participants in advance to the participants
  • Remember that “Everyone’s contribution is important”. So, get involved!
  • The moderator will write a report of the main findings that will be shared with the Interreg South Baltic Programme Joint Secretariat and Joint Programming Committee members working on the new Interreg South Baltic Programme for 2021-2027
  • Publication: the report and a recording of the webinar will be made available on Moodle platform- on enrolment in the section dedicated.

Hope that this initiative is of interest to you, we hope to see you soon online and we thank you in advance for your kind contribution.

Kind regards,

Euroregion Baltic and Umbrella team

Thank you, JS Interreg South Baltic Team for organising Annual Event of the Interreg South Baltic Programme

The panels and the speakers were very engaging and it was an informative event for over 170 participants from all South Baltic region countries. Among many panellists we had a great representation of Euroregion Baltic members, representing Kronoberg Region, Bornholm, ERB Youth Board and Kamlar Region, Pomorskie Region, Klaipeda Region Association and International Permanent Secretariat.

The Programme’s Virtual Annual Event 2020 is available now on our YouTube channel

If you are interested in a specific part of the webinar, check its timeline, and start watching in a certain time.

Timeline of the webinar:
• 1st panel discussion: 00:14:21 
• Quiz: 1:13:33 
• 2nd panel discussion: 1:25:27 

The Interreg South Baltic Programme invites to its 5th Annual Event!

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and concerns regarding the situation later this year we decided to meet virtually.

On the 17th of September at 10 am we will meet to share thoughts on the impact of Interreg funds on small regions and celebrate the 30 years of Interreg and European Cooperation Day.

The two online panel sessions will be led by Regional Contact Point Bornholm who will meet with Danish projects partners and local authorities in the Museum of Bornholm in Rønne. On the premises of the Museum, we installed an exhibition which is a part of the celebration of 30 years of Interreg and European Cooperation Day. On colourful posters, we will see projects developed under 5 Interreg programmes with Denmark in their region.

During the first panel, representatives of South Baltic projects will discuss the influence of their projects’ results on the everyday life of regions and present case studies. The second session will be devoted to the future of the South Baltic Programme. Together with politicians from different Member States, we will talk about the upcoming Programme period and regional cooperation. Participants will have a chance to post their questions to panellists during the Q&A time. What is more, to entertain you, we invite all for a short quiz to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Interreg.

Look into the agenda for the detailed event’s programme:  https://bit.ly/3jEU7pa

Registration is now open. Click here to register: https://southbaltic.eu/registration2020

After registering, no later than a 1 day before the event, you will receive an email from the JS with an official confirmation of participation with login credentials to the ZOOM platform.

Make sure to join with us, as Umbrella project team will be present and ready to discuss the results of our projects, as well as the future possible capacity-building activities.

Are you ready to hear about our new propositions?

We suspended our activities due to Covid-19 emergency but now we’re ready to get back to you with new webinars and Rent-an-Expert service! We hope you are all fine and that you’re ready to be engaged again.

We are planning different thematic webinars with the support of experts from the fields. You can participate for free enrolling in our Moodle platform first, and then in the right course. There you can find the link to connect to Zoom platform, you will connect to your peers and you’ll have access to the material prepared for each specific webinar.

We are the masters of the capacity building! Therefore, if after the webinars you feel you’d need more support on specific topics, we can provide support hiring an expert for you.

The support can be requested by single organizations’ teams. We will help you to connect with others, find the right expert and organize ad hoc sessions for you.

Are you ready for our first webinar on sustainable cycling tourism? We will start on 10th June, more info and registration link will come on Monday! Stay tuned!

The content of this website is the sole responsibility of the author and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union, the Managing Authority or the Joint Secretariat of the South Baltic Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020. The project UMBRELLA is partly financed from the Interreg South Baltic Programme 2014-2020 through the European Regional Development Fund.